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Blackface is awful and there is no doubt about that, and it’s wonderful that people are becoming conscientious enough of the problem to call out people who think it’s appropriate in costumes, but please think twice before you jump on board with this whole “shoot first ask questions later” approach to anyone suspected of bronzing their skin in any way for cosplay purposes. I am seeing it lead to a lot of Latino, Native, and Middle Eastern folks getting bullied and harassed for cosplaying characters with their own skin tone by internet strangers accusing them of being white people in make up and that is disgusssssttttiiiiiinnnnggggg. It’s fostering an atmosphere where people are afraid to dress up like characters who actually look like them because someone on the internet will see and raise wild, insulting accusations that they’ll never be able to respond to due to the rumour mill game of telephone set up of sites like tumblr and twitter.

Especially with all the awesome Dragon Con photos that are gonna be circulating in the next few days, please just be conscious of other people, don’t automatically assume the worst as a knee-jerk reaction and start posting without looking into the matter further, and if you really, strongly suspect foul play please take it up with the cosplayer in private before you make a public spectacle throwing accusations you can never take back. (Also be aware that there’s really no polite way to accuse someone of being a white person in brownface so don’t take it too personally if they’re insulted you asked. It’s still better than making a scene in public only to find out you were harassing someone for no reason)

Yeahhh just because someone doesn’t adhere to your stereotyped notions of what X race looks like, doesn’t mean they’re pulling a Mitt Romney. There are plenty of people of varying races who are white passing or have otherwise “white” looking features. Because every race has a variety of features!! and wow, mixed race people also exist!

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It’s MO MONDAY! Here is a page! I Thanks so much to Jon Cairns for the excellent advice. Again.

He gives a lot of good advice.

A comic has updated! Seriously, if you guys aren’t already reading MO, I strongly encourage you to start doing so! Tish has been working super hard on it, and it really shows! READ MO! YOU’LL LIKE IT!

seconding tasha, it’s good stuff and only gonna get better B)

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please check this out and share it wherever you can! this sketchbook is longer and better than ever, I’m really excited for you guys to see it!
it includes fashion illustration, bffcomic planning stuff, life drawing, quirky doodles, and sooo much more!
(if you’d rather use paypal, you send $2+ to mickequ@gmail.com and I’ll send the file to your paypal email - or you can put another address in the note and I’ll send it there!)



please check this out and share it wherever you can! this sketchbook is longer and better than ever, I’m really excited for you guys to see it!

it includes fashion illustration, bffcomic planning stuff, life drawing, quirky doodles, and sooo much more!

(if you’d rather use paypal, you send $2+ to mickequ@gmail.com and I’ll send the file to your paypal email - or you can put another address in the note and I’ll send it there!)



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Anonymous sent: one time when i was rather young i was at my grandmothers house having an unsupervised tea party bymyself near a lamp and decided that the lamp needed some tea too so i poured a spoonful of water on the light bulb, which was on, and it exploded making this big noise, i didnt get hurt or anything but i scared the shit out of my grandma lmao

Looks like i lied Julia, i got this one in the mean time.

Oh man, your poor grandma!! Kids are always up to no good like turning lamps into glass shrapnel grenades.

I don’t remember when, but I was young enough. We used to have this huuuge oak tree in the back, but it got rotted and was dangerous so had to have it cut down. But while it was there, we had a shit ton of squirrels that lived here. And they would break into our house ALL THE TIME. Chew through the insulation and all this fun stuff. So one time, we realized we were having squirrel problems because somehow a squirrel got into the house and tried to chew its way out of the attic/crawlspace through the only hole it could find: some wiring that led to a light in our back hall. We found the squirrel’s dead body bc its tail was sticking out of the light. I KNOW we have photos of this somewhere and will try to find them..

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By god these stories, please go on forever

LOL I just finished up, no more asks left. People seem to be pretty amused -I’ve only lost two followers and actually gained two so?? STORY TIME AT POLKS’ PLACE.

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Anonymous sent: my cousins are friends with a family that owned a large supermarket chain and one day when i was 12 they invited all of us to their fancy beach house. They had kids the same age as me & my cousins and we were all messing around in a guest room making little rockets out of kleenex and throwing them at each other (??) and later when no one was in the room the smoke alarm went off and apparently one of the tissues had gotten caught in a lamp and that is how we almost burnt the genuardis' house down


We have an electric ceramic flat top stove/oven combo, and last year we had to get it replaced. UNWISELY we keep a bunch of pots and pans right above it on hooks, and we used to have wayyy too many up there. So once when i was starting to prepare dinner, i went to grab one of the saucepans, but didn’t see someone had put a smaller frying pan behind it on the same hook, and knocked it off. It went right through the ceramic top.

I almost cried when my dad came home because I felt so bad about it, but then he called my mom and she was happy because she wanted to replace it anyway….. stares into the abyss

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baraphomet sent: also in high school (freshman-sophomore) i sang "my immortal" by evanescence at not one but three different school events and unfortunately everyone remembered that up to and after my graduation

this is maybe the single greatest high school memory you could ever have. One could say you… immortalized it.

I don’t think i have anything as good as this to share. Not even remotely related but you wanted my injury stories so here we go: one time i accidentally electrocuted myself by plugging in an air conditioner and not realizing i was touching the metal of the plug. Don’t do this. I thought i was going to die. it was one of the weirdest feelings i’ve ever experienced.

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saltwort sent: when I was in high school and came out to my mom as A Big Queer (while explaining how my casually homophobic friends were stressing me out) her first response, in the most concerned & comforting voice imaginable, was "is that why your art's gotten so creepy?"

OH NOOOOO i thankfully have yet to have my mom ask me if this is why i’m weird.

Sort of another ren faire story, but once my parents went to a different ren faire in another state because they went on vacation and it just happened to be nearby and going on! What luck. So when my parents returned home and were showing us pictures from their trip and we get to the ren faire ones, all of a sudden mom starts showing me photos of the weaboos dressed as anime characters because she wanted to know what they were and thought I would know.

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saltwort sent: okay wait also: first ren faire memory. I was pretty young and with my parents who'd just asked a Leonardo da Vinci impersonator where the porta potties were. I remember being both aggravated and repulsed because he chose to lead us there all whilst explaining, in an awful fake Italian accent, how he'd invented a toilet that could "sucka the poop right outa you." I KNEW that he didn't. I KNEW!!!


It’s so hard to pick a ren faire story but i’ll go with one that happened last year. I HATE THE NASTY PORTA POTTIES so I was going to the equally as gross indoor ones. I was by myself and in the middle of crossing the Kissing Bridge some of the people who worked there ambushed me. One of them was a dude and he asked for a kiss, and I immediately burst into nervous laughter. He was so surprised by me laughing in his face he almost broke character. I think i rather wounded his pride.

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angry-fish-woman sent: idk whats going on because I'm on mobile but when i was a kid i was putting my bike in the basement and as I was going up stairs my sister stopped me and told me my leg was bleeding. I looked down and saw a 3 inch piece of glass sticking out of the left side of my calf. Apparently there was a chunk of broken picture frame glass sticking out by the back door that my mom forgot to move and it decided to embed itself in my leg. I didn't feel it at all cuz I have weird legs \o/ thought i'd share.

damn that’s pretty intense! the human body sometimes likes to not tell us when we’re hurt, presumably so we can get to safety and then deal with our injuries. But that is just useless in the case of your leg 8(

OK, the first time I ever had to get stitches was when i was 4 or 5. My sister had a friend over and this was the early 90s so those jelly sandals had just come into fashion and she had a pair. None of us did so I was enraptured by them. We were eating dinner and i kept ducking under the table to stare at these fuckin shoes bc i was in love with them I guess.

Well, i ended up falling out of my chair and smacking my chin on the floor and splitting my chin right open. I ran to the bathroom to look and mom only realized it was bad thanks to the blood trail.

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cuddlingthecthulhu sent: I have color synesthesia. It affects letters but mostly numbers. 1 is white, 2 is red, 3 is light green, 4 is purple, 5 is black, 6 is blue, 7 is emerald green, 8 is golden yellow, 9 is burnt orange, and 0 is grey/translucent? The tone of each numbers changes depending on how they're paired with one another. For instance: the 4 in 42 is actually a dark violet, while the 2 is on the burgundy side of red. The 4 in 14, however, is lilac, since it's paired with 1, which is always white

whoops forgot i had stuff to do so had to dip again but continuing with story meme.

:0 woah that’s really neat! I don’t have anything cool like this LOL uh the first story that always comes to mind when colors are brought up is that when I was a kid, we adopted a cat because my mom was away for my sister’s birthday and my dad’s a weenie and couldn’t tell a three year old who missed her mom no when she asked for a kitty. So we adopted the cat and learned the hard way that she was never spayed when she got out and came back pregnant.

She had two kittens and I got to name one of them. She was a calico so at the age of 4 i was convinced the most clever name for this cat EVER would be Rainbow because she had three colors or something. I was so fucking smug about how smart I thought i was.

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all of them together!!

i didnt know i had it in me to do gorey shit but there it is

cru’s been prettying up our monsterhearts rp info pages LOOK HOW RAD THESE ARE

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ilbutto sent: i remember when i was a kid my cousin and i would pretend we had anime boyfriends. my cousin would pick yusuke and i would pick goku.

Omfg, beautiful. I did not have an anime bf as a kid that i remember, but it would’ve been Gene Starwind if i did.

So in 5th grade after some issues I had with a teacher, I ended up being transferred into another class. The only kids in the class I knew I didn’t really like, so I kinda kept to myself and doodled a lot. This was when i first learned that other people thought I was good at drawing. The girls in th class kept asking me to draw them and their bfs, but I just drew Goku for the dudes and they were 100% happy with this and loved it.

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suzaku sent: THE MILKBONE THING REMINDED ME my best friend and i used to eat them as kids we thought they tasted good?? the first time i visited my cousin i told her this after seeing she had a box of milkbones for her dog and she didnt believe me so i ate one and she was horrified

AHAHAHA well i’m glad that they tasted alright if i was feeding my brother them…

I don’t remember what prompted it, but for a brief period of time during 7th grade, I kept putting my spare change in my friend kat’s food when she wasn’t looking. Just slip a few dimes in her applesauce. Maybe a nickel shoved in her brownie. In retrospect it’s lucky she didn’t choke…